Sunday, February 14, 2010

I think I'm becoming a true Texan!

Sorry to all of my fans and admirers for the long delay in updating you on all of my adventures. I have been vacationing in Texas. Lexi and I became fast friends right away. She took me everywhere. I have never seen or meet so many fellow furry friends. Tomorrow she promised to post a picture of all my new friends. It is a party every day here- I think it is safe to say it is even a Zoo at times. The kids that live here are always coming or going- school, piano, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, Destination Imagination club, Scouts and now I hear Jamie will be starting Volleyball soon.

I got a little worried one day because my new friends were spraying their hair crazy colors. They looked at me as if to say I was next. Luckily for me- Jared used the last of it on his hair. I was spared an unexpected fur coloring.

Before my owner (Mema) left she showed me on the computer where Megan was headed next. I was happy to be staying- it looked cold in Idaho. Who would ever want to live there?! :) It would take me forever to store enough nuts to last me all Winter.
The kids have been teaching me one of their favorite games- Uno. For some reason I never seem to win though! It is almost as if they know what I'm going to lay down before I do. At least I can multi task- how many squirrels do you know that can play Uno and hold onto a nut at the same time?

I saved the best (or worst) picture for last. Coco, Coco, Coco that is all I seem to hear around here. I'm not used to taking the back seat to a dog. I have to admit she is pretty entertaining though. She really likes to play- but her type of playing involves tearing into my fur and trying to steel my nut. I know where to come when I need a hair cut!
I have learned that the best place for me is up high. I like the view anyways. Jamie has helped out a lot with Coco's play time. Whenever Coco is in the mood to "play aggressively" she really gets into it! You should hear me cheering "Go Jamie, Go!".
Well I will post more later! :) Take Care all of my Florida Friends!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing Scruffy.

Where, oh where are you tonight! I searched the world over and pthhptt, you were gone! Scruffy, at least let me know that you are still OK! Bite Tami on the ankle and let her know you are still there.