Monday, December 7, 2009

Scruffy Is Off To Texas

Scruffy has had many happy days with his friends, but, recently one of his cousins was playing on the transformer in front of our house and met with a very unfortunate accident. It was fatal, I'm affraid. Scruffy was broken hearted.

He and his friends had a funeral and memorial service for their dearly departed friend. Hound Dog played his steel guitar in a very fitting rendition of Alvin and the Chipmunks', Where, Oh Where Are You Tonight.

All of the gang came to pay their respects. Scruffy made a few touching remarks as many tears were shed.

Because of his depression, we decided, with Scruffy, that a vacation would do him good. Mema bought Scruffy a airline ticket to visit the Johnson family, in
Texas, knowing that they were just the ones to cheer him up. So long, Scruffy. Give all of the Johnsons a big hug. Be sure to write. Hurry home, soon!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scruffy Throws A Party - - - - - -Part 2 Dora Brings Her BACKPACK!!

What a party! Alli G. Ator laughed so hard that Scruffy was afraid he would wake the neighbors. He tried to muffle the noise with his bushy tail. Alli said, "Sorry, Scruffy! I lost my head for a minute there!"

Scruffy's party continued into the night. They waved flags and ate lots of acorns. He had not seen some of his buddies for years!

Even, Scruffy's old pal from the forest, "Taxi Dermi", stopped by to give free rides to the gang.

But, before they knew it, Dora the Explorer had appeared out of nowhere to crash their party! All of the animals enjoyed the fun until she started yelling, "Backpack! Backpack! Backpack! Backpack!"
Scruffy said, "She's got to go! Cover her up with these balls, so that we can't hear her." It was not one minute too soon, because if they had heard her scream, "Backpack!!", one more time, there would have been an animal stampede, possibly trampling the whole neighborhood.
Scruffy returned later, and Dora was gone. She left a note on a white ball, saying, "You haven't heard the last of me, Scruffy Squirrel!"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Scruffy Throws A Party - Part 1

Spring cleaning time is here! Scruffy was doing an excellent job on the windows today, (Reggie Girl will be glad to know that he is a very industrious worker.) when he saw a couple of old friends coming up the front walk.

He scampered to his room to put on his very stylish hat and glasses, and to grab his favorite nut. He wanted to remind them that he was not just any old scruffy squirrel.

It was a thrill to see "Limber Legs Laura", who had just swung in from the Kalama zoo.

He hugged his good buddy, Hound Dog Hank, and knew that they would soon be having a howling good time. Laura and Hank said, How about it, Scruffy!? Lets have a Party!!!

So, they called all of the gang together to reminisce about old times and share a few laughs............To be continued.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scruffy Comes Home

Scruffy has been missing for awhile. Today, as I was preparing to go to river to meet Bryan and Ethan for a little fishing, SCRUFFY CAME HOME!!!!

He parked his scooter on the front porch and knocked on the door with his big acorn. What a surprise! My bushy tailed buddy decided that he would tag along and spend the evening on the river with us.

It was good to see him holding his little fishing pole again. He might be a squirrel, but he is not a squirrely fisherman.

Scruffy caught a Spotted Sea Trout and a Pin Fish on his first day back.

Of course, he is always willing to do the dirty part of fishing (cleaning the catch). Sometimes, I think he enjoys cutting up those fish more than he should. He had a strange glint in his eye as he grabbed the fillet knife.

When all of the work was done, Scruffy and I headed home. It was unseasonably cool tonight, so he snuggled up inside my jacket and we were happy. Welcome home, Scruffy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Trip to Disney

This week the Hand Family went to Disney and since animals aren't allowed to go to Disney, Scruffy got to spend time in the hotel. He was well taken care of......

He ate the leftovers.

He found a nice cozy place to sleep.

He enjoyed reading the newspaper.

He played some golf.

He made friends with a gator,

and a bird.

What squirrel wouldn't want to spend time with the Hands?????