Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scruffy Comes Home

Scruffy has been missing for awhile. Today, as I was preparing to go to river to meet Bryan and Ethan for a little fishing, SCRUFFY CAME HOME!!!!

He parked his scooter on the front porch and knocked on the door with his big acorn. What a surprise! My bushy tailed buddy decided that he would tag along and spend the evening on the river with us.

It was good to see him holding his little fishing pole again. He might be a squirrel, but he is not a squirrely fisherman.

Scruffy caught a Spotted Sea Trout and a Pin Fish on his first day back.

Of course, he is always willing to do the dirty part of fishing (cleaning the catch). Sometimes, I think he enjoys cutting up those fish more than he should. He had a strange glint in his eye as he grabbed the fillet knife.

When all of the work was done, Scruffy and I headed home. It was unseasonably cool tonight, so he snuggled up inside my jacket and we were happy. Welcome home, Scruffy!


  1. Welcome back Scruffy. You should come and try Texas! We have a lot of nuts out here!

  2. Oh no scruffy come to Utah! We have lots for you to do.

  3. Jared said... "Come to my place to bunk with me."

  4. Okay this is so nutty that I love it (get it Papa....nutty???)...
    Well anyhoo, pleased to meet the Scruffy the Squirrel. He fishes AND cleans his catch?
    Does he do window's? If so, please send him to Georgia for a little vacation. I'll feed him, and walk him, and love him.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl