Friday, January 2, 2009

Trip to Disney

This week the Hand Family went to Disney and since animals aren't allowed to go to Disney, Scruffy got to spend time in the hotel. He was well taken care of......

He ate the leftovers.

He found a nice cozy place to sleep.

He enjoyed reading the newspaper.

He played some golf.

He made friends with a gator,

and a bird.

What squirrel wouldn't want to spend time with the Hands?????


  1. Scruffy looked right at home in the mirowave!

  2. Wow scruffy gets the royal treatment at your home. I loved his bed.

  3. I have lots of squirrels in my yard. They do not get along with the birds. They eat all
    the birds food and use their bath water.
    I like Alvin, the chipmunk I only get to hear
    him sing at Christmas. I need to go put more
    food out it is cold here and they are staying
    in their beds until it warms up. Will be out for lunch soon. Take care Scruffy. Don't get
    in that micro-wave again someone might by
    accident push the button.


  4. Where oh where has the litle squirrel gone? where oh where could he be...