Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scruffy Throws A Party - - - - - -Part 2 Dora Brings Her BACKPACK!!

What a party! Alli G. Ator laughed so hard that Scruffy was afraid he would wake the neighbors. He tried to muffle the noise with his bushy tail. Alli said, "Sorry, Scruffy! I lost my head for a minute there!"

Scruffy's party continued into the night. They waved flags and ate lots of acorns. He had not seen some of his buddies for years!

Even, Scruffy's old pal from the forest, "Taxi Dermi", stopped by to give free rides to the gang.

But, before they knew it, Dora the Explorer had appeared out of nowhere to crash their party! All of the animals enjoyed the fun until she started yelling, "Backpack! Backpack! Backpack! Backpack!"
Scruffy said, "She's got to go! Cover her up with these balls, so that we can't hear her." It was not one minute too soon, because if they had heard her scream, "Backpack!!", one more time, there would have been an animal stampede, possibly trampling the whole neighborhood.
Scruffy returned later, and Dora was gone. She left a note on a white ball, saying, "You haven't heard the last of me, Scruffy Squirrel!"


  1. Hey, Scruf, you're some Party Animal. If you ever come to Aubière, Maurice and the Laboratory Rats will take you on a wild ride!

  2. Geez.........Scruffy got to meet Dora before I did? I'm bummed.
    Scruffy has quite the adventuresome spirit doesn't he??
    Personally I'd have been terrified to get in an alligator's mouth for ANY reason.....even a photo op :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Scruffy when are you going to venture out of Florida?

  4. Hey Scruf, long time no read! There's adventure to be had in France, now that I'm done with all my spring travelling.
    Come & see me sometime!
    (also known in certain circles by the moniker of 'Pinky')

  5. I think Scruffy needs to invite Crabby Crab.

  6. A very interesting life Scruffy has, its all just one big adventure.

  7. I heard Scruffy is in Texas! You will be hearing from him soon.